Palm trees are such beautiful plants. If we think about paradise they instantly come to our mind as the trees that would grow there. They have long trunks with a crown of the most amazing leaves. Palm trees trunks have incredible qualities. They seem delicate and fragile, but they are the most resilient trunks that exist in nature. They can withstand the strongest winds and come out beautiful and proud. I saw my tall palm tree bent so much with 140 mph (224 kmph) wind that it was horizontal to the ground. After the wind subsided, it stood straight up basking in the sun that has just come out, looking magnificent as usual. You would think that it experienced only good things all its life.

We are much stronger than those incredible trees. We have the power to create everything we want. We can change every situation that we experience. Palm trees ride out the wind, but we can change it into a nice breeze. That is a huge difference. We can look at the situation we are in and put in our minds what it is that we would like it to be. Would we like to change that wind into a breeze or sunshine? But to have the sunshine in our lives we need to be able to imagine it first and see in our minds that it is possible.

Whatever the situation is, it is only final if we think it is. We can change it and shape it into everything we want. We can have dream jobs, make great money, have amazing relationships and be healthy. We can wake up every morning with tears in our eyes, as we are overwhelmed with gratitude for our lives. We can have that magic on a daily basis, but…first…we need to realize that we can have it. We need to become so acutely aware that what happens in our lives is entirely up to us. We are stronger and more powerful than we realize and we can create everything we want as long as we can imagine it.

A palm tree is designed by nature to withstand the most powerful winds. It bends with it and it stays in tacked, spectacular as ever. We are brilliantly designed to create our lives, we just need to be aware of it. So, if you have a situation that you would like to change then see in your mind the perfect outcome. See it over and over again until it becomes a part of you. Until, you feel that it is supposed to be perfect. Feel it, be grateful for a new outcome. Do it, over and over again, until it becomes your magnificent reality. When you achieve that, you will find that the next time things happen easier and faster. Why? Because, you start to realize your true potential. Because, you are starting to know that you are more powerful than you have ever thought you were.

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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