We all would like for things to happen easier and faster. We want to work smart. Is it possible to create things in an easier way? Yes, it is!

Imagine you are sitting in front of a huge movie screen. There is a movie on that screen. You are the director and producer of the movie. You are the scriptwriter. The movie is your life. If that was the case, how would you like your movie to be? How would you like to script your day and your life? How would you like every moment of your life to be?

The fascinating fact is that you are the scriptwriter of your life. You script every moment! You script it with your feelings. When you feel good the moment is awesome. You see, the key is to script everything. Script the outcome of your sale. Script the conversation with your partner. Script what your children do, etc. When you feel good and you put a picture in your mind of what you want, you will be amazed what it is that you are going to create.

One of my clients wanted two new clients. She put a picture in her mind that she has those two new clients. After that she went to work and she got two new clients. My other client who is a doctor, and he wanted to have three new patients. He wanted to have one for the same day and two the next day. Two hours later his office manager came and announced that she booked one new patient for the same day and two more patients for the following day. Can it be that easy? With the right mindset, yes it can! You see whatever you think in your wildest dreams about how powerful you are, you are barely scratching the surface of your true potential. By understanding your power and knowing how to apply it you can create things so much easier.

What do I mean by the right mindset? It is what we feel at the moment when we put the picture in our mind. We need to be calm. Love, gratitude and fun create calmness and calmness is the key to creating things easier and faster. When we feel love, when we feel gratitude and when we have fun we automatically become calm. Calmness is the key to creating the desired outcomes. When we are calm we work smart. That applies to every aspect of your life. Whatever it is that you want, feel love and put the picture in your mind of what you want. When you feel calm enough you will create what you picture.

At the bottom of every blog that I write I always say: Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!! Because, when you feel love and gratitude and have fun you become calm and calmness is the key to creating the desired outcome.

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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