One of my Real Estate clients listed 15 homes in a month. Another, who was selling two houses in a month, became number two in her company even before she had finished my program. Another had 15 closings in 30 days. Another insurance agent being at the bottom of his office, in four months became number one in his office and number one in his company in the country for the year, with 314 individual sales in just 7 weeks. A salesman, who got a two week notice to improve his sales as he was the last one in his office, became number 1 in just 3 weeks. A client who was told by her doctor that if her heart test results continue to decline was going to be put on a heart transplant list, now has a healthy heart. Her doctor had to consult with another cardiologist as he was amazed by the results of her last test. A little boy with viral meningitis was in a hospital for two months. As an outcome of the condition, he could not stand up, drink or eat solid food as his muscles were affected and swallowing was a big issue. The prognosis, by the doctors was bleak. After I told Kathy, his mom, what to do, to the amazement of the doctors, her little boy was able to eat and drink in a matter days and walked out of the hospital in just a week! Another client’s son who was on drugs for a long time is free of them now for over 4 years, having a great job and getting promotions. She used her mind to create all of that for her son.

I could keep going on and on… All credit goes to my clients. The important question is: What has happened? What has changed that those amazing people created such incredible things?

The big point here is that they became different people in a short period of time. There are two kinds of knowledge, one that we obtain at school and the other is wisdom. The knowledge that we acquire at school is very important as it gives us ability to understand and perform different tasks at work. We become specialists in different areas like technology, construction, medicine, business, customer service, sales, etc. We need that knowledge in order for us to get a job and be proficient in it. We choose what we love to do and pursue the knowledge for the desired field. The other kind of knowledge is the one that we can only obtain, (for the time being), outside of our school system. That is the most crucial knowledge that we can ever acquire. It is the understanding of the power of our minds and how to use it. As we grow in that knowledge and become skillful in its application we gain something absolutely precious, and that is wisdom. We look at ourselves and everyone, and everything in a different way. Our confidence goes through the roof! As a result we become different people and we find ourselves being able to do things beyond what we ever thought was possible. We become aware of how simple everything is and see new ways of doing things. That wisdom makes the whole difference and as an outcome we become successful in every area of our lives.  

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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