Being busy does not necessarily mean being effective. What is it that we do during our hours? Some people might look very busy but the results are not there to support it.

How can you become very effective using as little time as possible to achieve great results?

First, give yourself enough hours at night to have sufficient rest, so you can start your day feeling fresh. When you feel rested, you will find that your attitude will be better.

When you wake up in the morning, expect the day to be awesome. When you feel great you will find that things in your day are going to go smoother and easier.

Have fun with what it is that you do. When we have fun, we can do much more in a shorter period of time.

Organize your office. When we have a stack of paper on our desk, it can take some time to find the right pages that we need to use at that present moment. Looking for things is not an experience that will make us feel good, besides looking at stacks of paper that keeps reminding us that we have to do something about it. That distracts us from the present task. We create everything in our lives by the way we feel/think, so it is very important for us to sustain good feelings throughout a day. When we feel good we become more efficient! When we have our papers in folders it will only take a moment to pull out the page that we need from the right folder. That makes us feel good as it makes our task easier. If you find that organizing your office might not be your strong side, you might employ a professional organizer to make things more accessible for you and then you can keep the recommended model. Handle a piece of paper only once. If you pick up a paper and you are done with it, put it right into the folder where it belongs. If you need it for future references you will always find it more easily. If you handle many pages a day you will be surprised how much time you can save by applying this simple idea.

Organize your home. The same principle applies to our home. When we arrive home we need to put our clothes and shoes in the closets. We might be surprised how quickly one thing that we might put somewhere for a moment can easily become a pile of things. The same applies to car keys. Always put them in the same place, this way you can always find them very easily. When we know in the morning where to find our clothes, shoes and car keys that make us feel good and that is a great start to an awesome day.

Always have some time for yourself. Even if it is a few minutes a day. That recharges your battery and makes you feel special.

Always remember, when we feel great our day is going to reflect that.

Have an absolutely magical week full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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