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    Dianne Sykes

    if we create everything within our life then when we share things with others and they react in an other than positive lite, have we created the reaction from them or is that there own reaction…

    would love some others insight on this one

    thank you bunches
    have a most magical day!

    Amanda Devine

    That is a very brilliant question. 😉

    We create everything in our life. And I mean 100%. When we have people reactig to us or to anything in a certain way, that is our creation as well, wherether it is a positive or negative reaction. We create all of it. When we look at some people that react certain way, negative, sometimes it is hard for us to believe that we created that. The truth is we DO! We might say that we don’t have that kind of thoughts.Very often we do, we are just not aware about it. But sometimes it is enough we watch programs or movies people behave in a negative way and we create that behavior in our life.

    So, what can we do about it? How can we change the way people react. 😉

    Lynn Thompson

    If it is to be it is up to me.
    When I started working with Amanda as my Life Coach, I was a mess.
    Dealing with so much negativity.
    After just a few sessions my entire life was transformed. I rediscovered ME. I became positive. Whenever I felt anything that was not positive and uplifting, I stopped and listened to Amanda’s Powerful Simplicity CD. I chose to use this as my #1 tool to change me and my thinking.
    Now I attract new positive people into my life. I attract abundance. I have even created a new positive relationship with people in my life who did harm to me. I am amased at the power of love and thought. It may take some time to get use to the power and influence we all have. All I can say is have faith in your power and know you are in charge of the thoughts you create. So choose wisely.

    Amanda Devine

    Thank you so much for the kind words. I just wanted to point here very strongly, that it was all YOU who made that changes and I know you are very proud of you and I am very proud of YOU! :cheer:

    You are awesome!!! :woohoo:

    I have your card in my office that literally looks like this 🙂 and it looks at me with that smile all day long. I love this card. Every time I leave my office I send it a kiss :kiss:

    And yes, as you said, “If it is going to be it is up to me,” it is so true as we create with every single feeling that we have.

    I am so honored that I have you and all the wonderful people a part of that amazing Network. You are all truly Totally Unique Individuals!!! B)

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