Our world seems to be very complexed. The truth is that when we understand how things work everything becomes so incredibly simple. In our adult life we were taught that things are supposed to be in a certain way and if we want to achieve something worth while we really need to buckle up and take things seriously.

But…things are truly much easier than that! They are supposed to be easy!!! How can we create things in our lives that are going our way?

The answer is different than we would expect… But…of course! The most brilliant answers are simple. So, incredibly simple!!! If we want to take our lives to the next level, if we want to go beyond what we have ever experienced, we need to entirely change our perspective.

Let’s look at a child. A child that is two or three years old. Does a child in that age think what it is going to do five minutes from now? Does a child think what he/she did yesterday? Does a child think what it is going to eat? A child at this age is at this moment…playing…having fun. Think about it. From the moment we are born till we go to school at the age of five, we progress the most at the fastest rate and in the shortest period of time. We learn so much!!! We learn only through playing. When I went to Australia, my son was three years old. I was placed in a class in a University with other migrants, where we were learning English. There were many people from different countries, speaking different languages. Our children were placed together in child care. I would pick up my son from the childcare and he would speak a different language every day. One day, he sang an Arabian song. We had people from Iraq and Iran in our group as well. We adults were learning English, treating it very seriously. It took us a while to master it. While our children were playing and learning many languages at the same time by having fun. It was so easy for them!!!

Imagine that there is a river and there is current in the water. What is easier, to swim with the current or against it? You see, when we are like the little children, having fun with everything we do, we swim with the current and everything becomes easy for us. We grow much faster in a shorter period of time. We need to become simple like a child and have fun like a child if we want to create things beyond what we have already done.

So, have fun with everything you do and you will be amazed how easy your life is going to become. It will become truly Magical!!!

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine


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  1. Thank you, you help me more than you know. I love you and I understand you. Your words bring me so much guidance and peace. Vickie ????

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