Dr. Masaru Emoto in Japan conducted a fascinating experiment. He wanted to see if our mind can change the molecular structure of water. He took bottles of water and strips of paper. He wrote on each strip a different word and then taped the strips to the bottles of water. Each bottle had one strip of paper with a word written on it. Then, he took a drop of water from each bottle and put it under a microscope in a cooling room. A fast acting camera that takes pictures from under a microscope witnessed the drops freezing. The results were fascinating!!! Depending on the word that was written on the bottle, a drop of water formed a magnificent crystal or it was shapeless. When the word evoked positive emotions, a spectacular crystal was formed. When the word reflected a different feeling there was a shapeless frozen mass. Dr. Masaru Emoto was fascinated by his discovery! Our mind changed the molecular structure of the water. He decided to involve children in his experiment. He had water taken from the busy Tokyo river that when frozen could only produce a shapeless form. He put the water on a table that was surrounded by children. What was happening under the microscope was projected into a monitor for everyone to see. Children started to feel gratitude for the water and suddenly the drop of water started to form a crystal. As children were feeling more and more gratitude the crystal grew and expanded in front their eyes into a magnificent formation. The feeling of gratitude that the children had, changed the molecular structure of water that now was able to form a spectacular crystal. Why did Dr. Masaru Emoto use children for this experiment? Because, it is easy for children to feel gratitude.

The power of our mind changing the results of experiments depending of scientist’s beliefs was witnessed by Albert Einstein. Quantum physics is the place where science meets the power of the mind. When scientists believed that law of gravity works on the subatomic level, it did. When they believed that it would not, that was exactly what happened. Depending on scientist’s belief, particles smaller than an atom behaved like they were solid or like they were energy. Albert Einstein was puzzled by it. Are particles smaller than an atom are solid or they are energy? They behaved accordingly to what scientists believed. If a scientist believed that they solid they behaved like a particle. When a scientist believed that they were energy, they behaved like a wave.

A very fascinating thing was discovered by scientists who do the stem cell research. A stem cell is like a blank canvas and it can become any cell of our body. When a stem cell was put in a Petri dish and a scientist thought that it was going to become a heart cell, it became a heart cell. When a scientist thought that it was going to be a kidney cell it became a kidney cell. Scientists very quickly discovered that whatever they thought a stem cell was going to be, it became exactly that. There are many examples of that fascinating phenomena.

When we truly look into that subject, we are going to discover that this principle works in every aspect of our lives and in the world. Our lives and the world are like a drop of water and they change accordingly to what it is that we feel. We create everything in our lives by the way we feel and only when we feel good do we create what we desire. Whether we change the molecular structure of a drop of water with our mind or we heal ourselves or get a perfect job and create a successful business or amazing relationships, the principal is THE SAME!!! We are what we feel and our lives reflect those feelings. What YOU FEEL at this very moment shapes YOUR LIFE!!! The key is to feel good. When the children felt gratitude for the water, their feeling changed its molecular structure. It became pure and as a result it formed a beautiful crystal. Love and gratitude are the feelings that shape your life into a desired one.

You can watch the amazing video of Dr. Masaru Emoto experiment with children https://youtu.be/SDNhH8deZPg

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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