When we look at the history of the human race, we are amazed how fast we grow. How fast the technology is evolving. In the life of one person, we went from a simple radio full of bulbs to the computer age, flat screen TVs and smart phones. The progress is astounding and it seems it is speeding up. Every three months something new is available to us to make our lives easier and more fun. The Stone Age is so far away and seems so primitive comparing to our lives in twenty first century. But, if we stop here for a moment we realize that the Stone Age was where everything started. That was the period where for the first time a human being started to use tools to make his tasks easier. It has been a while before a stone that was shaped into the head of a spear was held in a human hand and transformed through time into a smart phone. But it all started with that first stone. It started with an idea that a stone could be shaped into something that could make life easier. After all, the Stone Age was a huge breakthrough for the human race.

How about our mind? The progress of our mind is a completely different story. The technology exceeded the development of our mind power by a thousands folds. We know how to use the technology to our advantage, but regarding the understanding and using of the power of our mind we are still holding a stone in our hand. We are still doing things the ancient way, while we can make our lives so much easier and so much more fun. Instead of wishing that our loved ones were happy we can create them being happy.  We can create our business, a job, a perfect relationship, heal ourselves, etc. We can make everything so much easier for us. We are still in the Stone Age regarding the power of our mind. Sometimes, it might feel like it is too fantastic that we can create all of that. Is it really possible for us to create other people? Think about it. Would a man in the Stone Age even consider an idea of a smart phone? Would he even know what to do with it? It took many levels of understanding for the human being to go from the stone head of a spear to the smart phone. The great thing is that we are already aware that our mind is more than we realize it is and we look for ways to get to the next level. But, the best thing you can ever hear is that regarding our mind we can get from the Stone Age to the true understanding and using of our power in a relatively short time. It is like we are holding a stone in one hand and a smart phone in another. That how incredible and fast the transformation can be!

All we need to do is to learn about our power and how to use it! When we have that knowledge, at that moment everything becomes possible for us and a smart phone will seem like a Stone Age to us compering with the true power of our mind…

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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