During the gold rush years, there was a pursuit of diamonds in Africa. One man owned a piece of land with a little river flowing through it. One day as he was walking on his land and he stopped by the river and picked up a little rock from the water. He liked the rock, so he took it home and put it on the mantle of his fire place. The man looked through the window and sighed. How much he would like to find his true happiness. His dream was to find diamonds and become wealthy. He smiled as he made that decision. He was going to find his diamonds! He left his home and started a journey toward his dreams. He traveled the whole continent of Africa looking for the precious stones. After 15 years of searching, he decided to return back to his home. Well, he thought, that’s it. I just need to realize that my dream is just a dream and I need to live my life the way it is. Shortly after he came back home, a man that was traveling through his property stopped by his house. He asked the man if he could have some food and water and stay for the night. The man invited him in. As they finished their meal, the traveler looked at the rock laying on the man’s mantle. Can I have a look at the rock? – he asked. Sure, the man answered. The traveler got up from the chair and approached the mantle. He picked up the rock and carefully looked at it. Where did you find it? – he asked. I have lots of them in the river that flows through my property the man answered. The traveler turned around and looked at the man. Do you know what this rock is? It is a diamond in the rough!!! – he said.

We all have diamonds in the rough. We think that they might be just ordinary rocks and we might go on a journey looking for the real thing, while we already have the wealth beyond our dreams. That diamond in the rough might be a relationship that we have that we can create as perfect, or a job where we can get a promotion, or a business that we can grow to new heights, etc. All we need to do is to polish the rock and bring the brilliance of the diamond into the light.

An example. One of my clients who owns a barber shop had a hairdresser, who did beautiful haircuts but her personality was something she really needed to change. My client’s customers loved the haircut her employee provided, but always commented on her personality. She told me that she was going to look for a new employee. I told my client that it was her choice what she was going to do…but in the meantime as she was looking for a new person, I advised her to feel love for the hairdresser and everything in the shop. She followed my advice. In a matter of three weeks her employee’s personality matched her awesome productivity. My client’s customers remarked about it. They loved the haircuts and her employee. Her employee was a diamond in the rough and with love the brilliance of it shined through.

The most incredible diamond in the rough is US. We need to see how amazing we are and what incredible potential we have, to be and do whatever we dream of. We just need to feel love for ourselves, others and our jobs or businesses. We polish our diamond with love. The more love we feel the more brilliant the cut and shine our diamond has…until…it will be so spectacular that its brilliance will reflect in every aspect of our lives…making everything…truly Magical!!!

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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