At a certain age we all would like to be young. We want to have lots of energy and remain youthful. We already live longer and longer and 100 years of age is becoming more and more common. In one Senior Center where retired people come to have fun on a daily basis, every Friday there is a band and people dance to the music. There is a man who comes to that Center to dance with his partner. He is 105 years old. I probably should say that he is 105 years young and his partner is 92. They come every Friday and they dance.

Sometimes, we wonder…what makes some people younger and more energetic than others? When we look close at these people we will realize something fascinating. Those people who look younger and behave more youthfully than others their age, are happy people. 

Let’s analyze it for a moment. 

We create everything in our lives by the way we feel. When we feel good we create what we desire. One of the things that we create is our health and body. If someone needs to improve their health, the first thing they need to do is to become calm. A calm person is a happy person. When we are happy we automatically become calm and calmness is the key to achieving everything in our lives including our health. When we are happy we have more energy and we are healthier and we feel youthful.

A very interesting question: What is going to happen when we feel happy most of the time? Will we live longer, look younger and feel amazing? Science proved many times that people who are happy heal faster and they are generally healthier. Truly happy people expect good things in their lives and we always create what we expect. 

A fascinating fact: Our bodies regenerate constantly. Some cells are replaced every few hours, some every few days, others every few months. All our cells are fully replaced including our nervous system every seven years. It means that every seven years we have a completely new regenerated body. A question comes to mind… If we have an entirely new body every seven years, why do we get older? The answer is very simple. Because, we expect to get older. With every single year that is added to our current age, we expect to look older and we anticipate everything else that can happen comes with the new age. Remember, we always create what we expect. What would happen if we changed our expectations? We already live longer than ever before. In the time of our grandparents the life expectancy was somewhere around 60. Today 60 is a young person. Scientists say that today’s 60 is the old 40’s. So, because we expect to live longer, we do have longer lives. 

When we are analyzing that fascinating subject we are finding out that how long we live and how youthful we are depends on how we feel. It depends on our happiness. The happier we are the more youth we sustain for a longer time. Now…what would happen when we take that idea to a new level?  Is it possible that the proverbial fountain of youth that we have been searching for…for ages is already inside us? Do we really have everything we need to be young at our finger tips? 

What would happen if are calm and happy every moment and expect to be always young? That is a very good question…

 Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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