Eryka Aptaker
It’s hard to share all the wonderful thoughts that I have about Amanda Devine and her program. I could go on and on forever. I am 49 years old and have taken many twists and turns in my life’s path. We go through life never knowing why things happen to us, whether good or bad. Most of us want to change something in our lives from career to physical appearance to relationships, etc. but we don’t know how to do it. I started to feel like I was in a bit of a funk, for lack of a better word. I reflect back on my life and just resolved myself to the fact that this is just the way it is. Well, people, it doesn’t have to be. Since I have been in Amanda’s program, life suddenly seems so much better. It took me a while to really understand it but once I did, and I practiced the tools, life suddenly changed for me. I see things so much more clearly. I understand why things happened and had continued to happen in my life and how I can change things. I pick up on all the little hidden messages that I never really saw before, basically, because I wasn’t really looking or I didn’t understand what I was looking for. I see everyone and everything through the eyes of love and gratitude. I try to take nothing for granted anymore. I have learned to be grateful for EVERYTHING. I am no longer sad over what I don’t have but am elated over the things that I do have. I wake up every day knowing that life is beautiful and look forward to the magic that the new day brings. The formula for obtaining this beauty is right in front of us. My relationships have improved and my business has improved and it will just keep getting better. I look forward to doing the tools everyday that Amanda has laid out in her program and I look forward to the wonderful journey ahead of me. The things that I’ve asked for come so much more easily and everything just seems to make sense now. I am significantly calmer and that has been a big factor in this but it’s so much easier to stay calm when we know that by practicing our tools, that everything can be ours when we ask for it. The love that I feel for myself and others is indescribable, as is the gratitude for those feelings. My message to all is to reach out to Amanda and go through her program. Let her put things into the proper perspective for you. You too will learn to love yourself and others, feel gratitude and calmness and achieve all that you desire. I wish this for all of you. Amanda, I love you so much and I am truly grateful for you and your program! To everyone else, I wish you much love, calmness and happiness in your lives.