Gabe Mellein
I can't say how much I love going to see you and learning with and from you! It's so much fun and I feel so fortunate! Thank You. So, within about the last 10 days all this amazing stuff has happened with Real Estate. This is probably the worst real estate market we have ever seen as most would say, but I have been using the tools you taught me and have seen phenomenal results! This guy who I haven't spoke to in 2 months called and we put in an offer on a 200k condo Old time associates who I haven't communicated with in 2 years, at all, called and wanted me to list their condo for 570k. Another couple I met with over a month ago called, and we JUST FINALIZED THE DEAL!!! For $825k, cash deal, close in a couple weeks - that's a $25,000 commission! I rented out a place in fort Myers $1300 to me I'm getting a lot of calls on a $799k listing I have in Naples, it will sell soon Rented out a place in Bonita $425 to me Rented out another place in Bonita $500 to me Rented out another place in Ft. Myers, got the check $300 to me Rented out another place in Bonita, got the check $130 Working diligently on a deal in Fort Myers, $1.7 to $1.8mm, range...that's over a $50,000 commission (the guy is so easy to talk to and he avoided me for the last 3 months) Rented a place in Bonita, got the check for $85 a month for the next year Showed place to a woman, my neighbor set me up with and likes one for $300k, is talking to her sister, but I know we will put an offer on it Guy I haven't talked to in 6 months called out of the blue and we looked at one house and put an offer on it for $100k approximately I have like 4 other rental people who have called recently that want something Also, I got a check for $1100 for an online business I worked w/ 2 months ago and haven't done anything with lately I love it, I feel so powerful and unstoppable......I'm on a roll and love this program, you are awesome and the best. I love spending this time with you each week and I am amazed at how quickly this is happening! Thank You!