Laurie Jaeger
I wanted to submit this great testimonial to show how truly powerful we really are. My husband and I are still very much in awe of what happened to us and how we created Monte the way we want him to be – healthy, happy, and vibrant. We still shake our heads in amazement and bow our heads to the Universe with much gratitude and love. What is even more amazing is that while I am typing this Monte jumped up onto the table by my laptop and is rubbing his cheek on the computer screen, making sure that I am telling this story as accurately as possible to meet his approval. He actually knows I am writing about him! Folks, if you doubt that you can create your own reality and write the script of the movie of your life exactly the want you want it, I ask you to think again. What my husband, Marc, and I achieved a few weeks ago was magic! We have two cats, Monte and Molly. Molly is 10 and Monte is 12. They both have been very healthy cats and we have been very fortunate in that respect. A few weeks ago Monte started having diarrhea to the point that it was uncontrollable and he was actually passing hairballs through his system instead of throwing them up. We took him to the vet who said that his stool was normal and she thought his intestines were just irritated because of all the hair he was eliminating. Monte was put on a couple of medications including an antibiotic. He seemed to get better and was almost back to his normal self until circumstances took a turn for what we thought was the worst. Monte’s condition deteriorated rapidly to the point that he was lethargic, not responding to anything, was not drinking water at all or eating much, and worst of all he was hiding and staring off into space with his eyes half closed. We have never seen him like this and didn’t understand how he could be in this condition from hairballs. He acted like he was in a lot of pain and he seemed disoriented. We were devastated! Both Marc and I went to bed at the usual time, but for some reason I woke up at midnight and it seemed to me as though Monte was considering “checking out”, if you know what I mean. He was to the point where he would not move from the spot he was in unless he was picked up, and just the act of picking him up seemed to be very uncomfortable for him. He was still staring out into space and would not respond to a hand waved in front of his face. I could not go back to sleep and decided that if he was leaving this world I wanted to be with him in his last hours so he would not die alone and in the dark. Well, my emotions got the best of me and as I was crying I woke Marc up and told him what was going on. He stayed up, too, all night to be with our precious boy. We have attended Amanda’s program and remembered what to do to create Monte healthy and well. That was a tough thing to do when emotions ran high and we were in fear of the worst. However, we tried our best to use the tools that Amanda gave us. As the night wore on, Monte stayed about the same and we were just about to take him into the vet the next morning so he could get IV hydration and at least be comfortable. I decided to text Amanda for a stat refresher course on the tools to use to save our beloved cat. I remember the events that transpired next so well like it happened just yesterday, and this is something I will never forget. A miracle was about to unfold before our eyes. Amanda said to never feel sorry for Monte because that feeling will create more of the same. Once again, it was easy to say but not easy to do in our emotional situation. She said to send him love, close our eyes and be grateful that he is in perfect health, and see him active and doing all of the things that he loves to do to have fun. A very important part of this is to use strong positive emotions of gratitude and love. Even after taking Amanda’s program I had my doubts about the effectiveness of this due to how close to home this situation hit me. The next chain of events that happened was so profound and so magical! Immediately upon receiving Amanda’s text outlining the steps to create our world the way we want it, we starting doing it. By the third repetition, Monte jumped up into the kitchen sink and wanted water (he always prefers running water). We were astonished! He was so dehydrated. He actually moved by himself, opened his eyes wider, and wanted us to give him a drink of water. He was coming out of his stupor. We continued doing the tools over and over a few more times. I then decided to offer Monte a bit of food, and he ate it vigorously. Slowly but steadily, Monte became more and more active. By the time 2 hours had passed, he started playing with the balloons that I had in the house for Marc for his birthday and he wanted more food and water! Later that day an ultrasound had been scheduled for Monte, and we went to that appointment. Before we left that office we were told that everything, every organ and gland, looked perfectly normal and that there was nothing life threatening at all except maybe a bit of pancreatitis. By then Monte was very much back to his normal self and was protesting being in the carrier and having to have his belly shaved. All of his blood tests came back pretty much normal and with the ultrasound report showing nothing much out of the ordinary, so no medical intervention was required except a gradual increase in his diet back to normal. We kept up the affirmations and the tools over the course of that day and the next 2 days after that. We are so overjoyed and amazed at our power! Monte is now his perfect, normal, healthy self. When you use the tools you can perform miracles right before your very eyes. Monte’s most profound recovery was a matter of 2 or 3 hours when we thought that we were going to lose him! This is very big stuff. and Marc and I are so grateful that we met Amanda and took her program and learned about our power. I am convinced more than ever that there is nothing that I cannot do, have, or be. And whatever you believe, so be it. Thank you, Amanda, for discovering this magical formula and for teaching it to others. There is no limit to what we can do when we truly know who we really are. Marc and I are so grateful to be a part of these leading edge teachings and are very grateful to know Amanda.