Ursula Antonik
There is something important in the message Amanda gives us. I've been thinking through the points of her teaching from many sides: human curiosity, desire to gain something in life, desire to feel important, wanting to be successful, and first of all, being happy and helpful to other people. Amanda combines the sources of the knowledge she presents to us, and gives us the essence of what all human sciences are trying to deliver to us: total happiness and serenity. It is not a coincidence that I am experiencing the chain of "good luck" recently. And it is happening over and over, without fail! I intentionally work on becoming very successful in all areas of my life. I am emerging now as such a fantastic counselor with a visible passion! I am helping difficult clients, the ones that were written off by other counselors as "not ready for therapy." I am simply applying the knowledge that Amanda shares with me in assisting to overcome difficult obstacles. The former therapists of these clients notice the changes quickly and reclaim them as returned clients. I do not mind! For some "strange" reason my old clients are returning from licensed therapists to seek my counseling. I am getting new referrals! And I am still an intern! At this point I am able to set my own schedule and if I wanted to be selective in clientele this is the point to do it. Except... I enjoy what I am doing immensely! Our agency just moved to a different location. I was very booked during the move and did not have time to go to the new location and pick an office, unlike my colleagues. I was "lucky" to get the best office space, the one that I really would have picked if I had the first choice, even though I was the very last person to pick the spot! The request I have sent into the universe about the move, my goals I have set with Amanda's help made it happen! I also know that our success in any area of our lives is timeless and for us to keep! My clients leave their sessions with hope and a newfound energy to work on their goals. What else do we need to spread happiness and hope that is so perfectly tailored to each individual?! Great CD! It helps my clients. I am using it for my therapy.