Beginning January 2008 through to April 2008 we took a ten-week consulting and coaching program provided by Amanda Devine of Totally Unique Ideas. We began by clarifying our objectives in all areas of life, and set out with the methods recommended by Amanda to fulfill those objectives. The results we’ve seen so far have been outstanding: Ø After 22 years in business, March of 2008 was the most lucrative month we have had thus far. Ø A variety of other substantial business opportunities have opened up for us. Ø We have a greater capacity to move projects forward at a quicker pace. Ø Our family is more loving and appreciative of each other. Ø We’ve noticed that when we apply the principles taught by Amanda, the results are consistent no matter what area of life to which they are applied. Ø Our family has participated in far more exercise, and watched less television. Amanda, in the delivery of her program, demonstrates incredible personal balance and focus, which is a great example for everyone. Thank you, Amanda. We wholeheartedly endorse the work of Amanda Devine and Totally Unique Ideas.