Lynn Thompson
Two weeks ago I lost my glasses. I was really puzzled. I know I had them in my hand when I went to a meeting but I did not have them, when I went to put them on. Well it was time for a new pair so I made an appointment. I have had many botched up surgeries in the past. I was referred to one of the leading eye surgeons in the nation. He told me I had so much scaring that he could not help. I was just going to have to live with it. I am an artist. I have been a student of Amanda's for a few years. We both overcame fibromyalgia. We have been working on having Perfect eyes. I went to the drug store and found the cutest pair of folding reading glasses as the other part of my sight seemed to be better. But I went to the appointment for new glasses anyway. The specialist was so amazed. He even showed me pictures that showed him how bad my eyes were. And he could not believe that I would now have 20/20 vision with a slight change. I have new glasses but I don't really need them. They do help when I use the computer a lot, or read fine print.