Cheryl Blackburn
My Miracle
Last Spring when I met you after your talking to my Kiwanis Club I began on this wonderful journey of Unique Ideas. I shared some of my medical past with you of having the majority of my adult life with one form of heart disease or another. Most recently in the past 3 years I have been going downhill physically with heart failure. Being a nurse helped me see the future looked bleak. My cardiologist had suggested to me that my condition would soon require a surgical intervention of a device implant and or possible a heart transplant. My echo cardiogram showed a 30 percent ejection fraction in March of this year. In June the Dr. said we would reevaluate my heart in September to see what our next step in treatment would be. You and I began my program about this time as well. I learned and studied all Summer and progressively felt better off and on. I wasn't sure if the Summer heat or my heart was different. By the middle of August I knew I felt better. Mid-September I went in for the Mugga scan. I told the technician I felt much better because I was meditating. He was hopeful I was right but perhaps thought I was overly enthusiastic. Later when the test was complete and the tech reviewed the results he said " whatever you are doing keep doing it as you have improved over your last few tests. The following week I went to Dr. Frank my cardiologist for the actual results. When he stepped into the examining room he began with " I don't know how to explain this" and I excitedly interrupted him saying "I do"!!!.. The discussion began about the changes in my approach to life through Amanda. He was just overwhelmed by the improvement, my reading was now a near normal 56%! I am blessed beyond my expectations. Your teaching has been a turning point in my new approach to life. Gratefully, Cheryl Blackburn