Nikki Timberlake
I love what Totally Unique Ideas has done for me!! I now have more focus, more passion for my life, my business, and my relationships. I listen to the CD every night and I can honestly say that it helps me to be more refreshed and focused when I wake up. It also really helps me to relax so I can think about my goals. I was able to share the CD with another individual and she too has commented on how wonderful it is and how much it has already helped her. Amanda is a wonderful person and a true inspiration for us all. She has such an awesome way of helping you to see and appreciate the wonderful person that you are and to help you rid yourself of the "stuff" that we have allowed to fill our minds. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and I know in my heart that my being introduced to Amanda and her program has truly been a blessing in my life and was not a coincidence. I continue to grow and prosper by using the tools and information that I learned from this great lady. I encourage everyone to step out of your comfort zone and explore your true potential with "Totally Unique Ideas", I know I am so very happy that I did.