Fred Marengo
I thought I would again share the account of Kij and his brush with passing. As you know Kij is 11 years old and a bit overweight. He is very healthy. On preparing for my departure for our meeting, I went to tell him see ya later and he was on the floor with his mouth open and tongue out, barely panting. Having had cats my whole life, I knew this was not good. Scooping him up and swaddling him gently, I rushed him to the vet. He gave him little chance due to the possibilities of what it could be. He suggested to take him home and make him comfortable as we could. Being my lady's kitty, it was purely her decision. She didn’t want him to suffer. The next day he seemed better most of the day but in the evening he fell over, moaned and whined......a death knell sound. We were both supremely upset. I was trying to be strong for all of us, but was far more upset than I thought I would be. I tried to repeat over and over that he was in perfect health,.....but was too upset to fully concentrate. We took him to the vet, the whole time all I could think of is "all I want is him to be ok, to go home with us". As we got closer, I strangely got calmer. I was confused and felt callus that I was being calm. All I wanted was for him to be all right and go home with us. At the last possible seconds as the vet came in to end his suffering....Kij stood up! And then wanted to walk around. We put him on the floor, let him walk around a bit and he was responsive. He had been off his feed and water for days....listless. Now he was walking. The vet wanted to try giving him a yummy treat. We agreed, not expecting what we saw. He scarfed down the food right off her fingers like he had never eaten before!! I was in disbelief but it was so welcomed. We joyfully returned home with our beloved kitty not understanding the magical turnaround. Each day found him stronger and healthier. Being calmer I could now make affirmations of his perfect health. Kij is almost a kitten again, playing for the first time in months!! Bright eyed and full of curiosity, we have our kitty again.