Peggy Starnes
Dear Amanda, I am on my knees grateful to you and for teachings. You have helped me so very much. Last year I was devastated I was sick. Half of my face was paralyzed I was so ill. It was affecting my whole body. My balance my vision. The Drs gave me a few different diagnosis's. First they thought it was Bells Palsy, but the symptoms where more extreme. And healing was so slow. Then the said it was a small stroke in my brain stem. When they did further tests they found adhesion's all thru my brain and with the other symptoms they found out I had developed MS. That was not how I want to live my life. And that is not how I live my life now. I feel amazing.... better than I ever did before. My face is normal, vision and balance are perfect. I went from taking five different medications to none. I work out everyday, I started spin classes, I run 5 k's every chance I get. I wear my high heels and I feel beautiful. I love going out and dancing at least once a week. I just got back from a trip to Paris with my girlfriends. Every part of my life is so much better. Thank you again I adore you!! Sincerely Peggy