Mary Anne Cipressy
Many times people wait til something goes wrong in their life before they reach out for help. However Amanda's Life Mentoring Program is even for those who just want to learn how to get even more out of life. Since taking Amanda's program I now have the tools to create anything in life that I desire. She helped me open up my imagination and not settle for what seems to be realistic. It is so much fun to realize you can change anything in your life. You can make what is going good in your life to something even better. It is a great feeling to always feel good and to know there are no limits on how good one can feel. One day my TMJ (jaw) went into spasm and in the past the only way to get it fixed would be to see my chiropractor aand even then it would take time for it to return to normal. It normally stays in spasm for days and no medication would work. On this occasion I used what Amanda taught me and my jaw was back to normal in 5 minutes..the spasm was gone and the pain was gone. It was just that easy. If you want to get more out of life aand feel good everyday I highly recommend Amanda's mentoring program. you life will never be the same and how awesome is that!!!!