Peggy Starnes
I have to thank you for how you have changed my life. Because of our sessions and the tools you have given me I feel like a changed woman. I am calm and peaceful now, I used to be like a nervous poodle always ready to freak out. Afraid and stressed beyond belief. I would make people around me stressed because I was wound so tight. By becoming calm and by loving myself I was able to shed 52lbs. I loved myself enough to not eat and nibble to try to comfort myself. It didn't happen overnight but over 8 months of time. I have reshaped my body. I watch as my legs and tummy get trimmer and become more toned. My stretch marks from having given birth to 4 kids fade away. Even my c-section scar looks smaller it’s surprising to see since my youngest baby is a teenager. I didn't know that I could change these things about myself at the age of 46(next month 47), I feel like I am reclaiming my youth. How wonderful!!! I truly feel beautiful, and everyone notices the difference in me. My eyes sparkle and shine with joy. I feel like I bring so much more to my job, my happiness touches everyone who I talk to. Attract more customers and helps me to build strong relationships. I have a closer relationship with my 19yr old daughter. I am so much closer to my girlfriends as well. I even have a calm relationship with my ex-husband. After just one or two sessions my boss and dear friend started to notice a difference in me. Every session we have now still lift me higher and fine tune my skills of attracting the things in my life I desire. You remind me of my beauty (which always lived inside me but now I sparkle) Every day my life gets a little bit better, I received a raise, I have a new kayak that I adore to take out on the weekends and soak up this gorgeous Florida sunshine. I love to travel and I am planning a trip to Paris next year. I desire to explore the globe. I am so grateful for this wonderful life that I have. Thank you sweet Amanda...........thank you for your magic that you share with everyone, you take us all higher. Love you Bunches Xxoo