Kim-Hai Nguyen D.M.D.,M.Sc. Prosthodontist
The best thing that happened in my life was discovering Amanda. Like many of us, I once came to a fork in life and choices are to be made that would be life-altering. Amanda is that rare find, a beacon of light, love, and guidance. My heartlight. Several years back, my dad began showing signs of Alzheimer. Stoves were often left burning, items were misplaced or lost, and parked car's location was forgotten, the list goes on and on. My family sought medical attention. The doctor's response was that this is a progressive condition and we are to accept its inevitable course. Dad is our love, the compass of us all. To see him traveling down this path is unbearable. Moreover, he is the surviving parent. Amanda provides the family with the "tools" to get him on the road to perfect health. Tools that are not just for him but also for the family members to participate in the healing process. Today, my dad is a vibrant, alert man that he once was. For anyone who truly and deeply believes in the divine power, I am convinced and know that Amanda can guide you as well in health, happiness, and success in life. That's magical.