Joanna Kerr
Do you believe in fairy tales, I do, would you like to know why? I am a single mother of three beautiful children. My life was a consistent flow of speed bumps in which I would have one success and three steps back. I pushed myself very hard and worked seven days a week. I had an old car that would break down on a weekly basis. I would make good sales then back away into my comfort zone. My clothes were clean but old; my shoes so worn one heel was higher than the other. My hair was dry and damaged and I wore it pulled back in a ponytail. I never gave up and fought so hard to survive. I met the most amazing person to come into my life. I met her through work and she started to teach this class on what I thought was goals and achieving success. I had no idea this class, this woman would not only change my life but my children’s future. I kept a very open mind. I did every task she gave me. I challenged myself and moved out of my comfort zone. I created goals for myself that frightened me so bad but excited me at the same time. I set myself small goals to reach on the way to the bigger ones. I am currently one of the number one agents for my company. I have six people under my guidance. My team is very successful. I have a new blue BMW and I made $13,000 each month last months in commission. I walk with style and confidence. I glisten with confidence and grace. All these things are so very nice but the most amazing change was inside me. The world is different and I am new. I now see no obstacles only opportunities. My life is a dream come true and yet I have only scratched the surface of my potential. I am still a good person with a huge heart but now I love and believe in myself. I would like to introduce myself. I am the real life Cinderella. I cannot express my gratitude to Amanda for her help, support, vision and guidance. I would like to take a moment and say thank you to my mentor and my friend. You know her as Amanda I know her as the Devine one.