There were many magnificent, brilliant people in the history of the human race that took theirs and other people’s lives to uncharted territory. There was Carol Benz who invented a horseless carriage that was the first car. By doing that he took the way of transportation to a completely new level, changing forever how we travel. There was Thomas Edison who literally lighted up the world, and by doing that he opened a door to possibilities beyond our imagination at that time. Thanks to him many incredible inventions were possible including TV, computers, your smart phone, etc. And there was Albert Einstein who changed how we look at the entire world, by discovering that time and space are an illusion by studying something so fascinating and that is the “world” of an atom. Those are only a few amazing people that are mentioned here who took their lives and lives of others to uncharted territory.

It is time for YOU to do the same. It is time for YOU to take your life to uncharted territory. You see, you are as brilliant and incredible as those people described above. You have the power to take that all you have now far beyond what you can imagine right now. You already have everything you need to go on to the most fascinating journey of your life. You just need to know how to go about it.

Here are the most important elements that you can take to go in that direction.

First, you need to understand that this world you live in is something completely different than what it seems. It looks very complex, while it is extremely simple and very fluid.

You create everything in your life. Your feelings create everything. In order for you to create what you desire, you need to feel good. The key feeling is love. The more love you feel the more amazing life you create. Albert Einstein discovered that time is an illusion. The only real time is NOW. That is why you need to understand that all that is important is how you feel right now. You need to feel good at this very moment in order to create a desired outcome.

The intensity of love, determines what we you can create. The more intense love you feel, the faster you are going to create things and with more precision. The intensity of love opens the door to uncharted territory. It is an uncharted territory that we are talking about, so you need to make your own path. That is the best part as you are the one who decides how you want everything in your life to be!!!

Let me give you an example of what you can create when you take your life to uncharted territory. When you go beyond what you have done so far.

One of my clients, has three dogs. Two girls and one boy. They are miniature Australian Shepard. One of her girls was pregnant with four pups. As I was talking to my client on Monday, she told me that her little girl was due to have her pups last Friday. But sometimes it can be a few days earlier or later. My client wanted to be present at the birth of the pups, so she told me that she wanted them to come on Wednesday as it was her day off. She also told me that she wanted all the pups to be girls. Also, she wanted three of them to be the color of their mom, which is a typical Australian Shepard. And she wanted the fourth one to be brown which is “properly” called red. Red color is very rare in Australian Shepard and she had someone who was looking for a puppy with that specific color. Now, here is the fascinating fact. The mom of the pups is the typical Australian Shepard color, while the dad is black and white. How could a puppy be red? That is what we would think. But… my client knows the power of her mind and she knows how to use it. So, she felt lots of love for the mom and her pups and she put a picture in her mind of the perfect outcome. This is what took place. The pups were born on Wednesday at 4am on her day off, so she was able to be there when they arrived. There were four healthy pups born. All girls as she wanted. Three of them the typical Australian Shepard color and one red as she pictured them. You can see them on the picture above. So, then my client decided that she wanted all the pups to have blue eyes. Typically, Australian Shepard have one eye blue and another a different color. That is exactly the color of the mom’s eyes. But dad has both dark eyes. A few days later when the pups opened their eyes, they all had blue eyes. They are adorable and exactly what she wanted them to be!!!

Imagine…if you can create everything in in YOUR life with the same precision. Here is the best news. YOU CAN!!!         

So, feel love more intensely than ever. Feel more and more love… picture in your mind the perfect outcome and take your life to uncharted territory… Make it truly Magical!!!

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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  1. I love you Amanda you are such an inspiration thank you so much! My life is changing and it is filled with love and joy and abundance!

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