We were told many times that we should love others, but loving ourselves is a completely different story.

Let’s talk about it. First, we need to define what loving ourselves really means. Commonly, we think that when we feel love for ourselves in some ways we think that we are better than others. Love treats everything and everyone the same way. It means that when we feel that we are better than others is it really love that we feel? When we truly feel love we see the beauty and brilliance in ourselves and we see the same in everyone and everything else. 

When we feel love for ourselves, something fascinating happens. We become more confident than ever before. The more love we feel the more successful we become. My clients go off their anxiety and depression medications as they feel amazing. Their relationships improve rapidly, people heal themselves, etc. Their lives are transformed completely, only because they feel love for themselves. They are amazed, as they live their lives beyond what they ever thought was possible.  

How much love do you feel for yourself? How do you speak to yourself? Are you always kind to yourself? Those are the key questions that we need to answer if we want to take our lives to a completely new level.

It is a very simple test that you can perform that will tell you how much love you feel for yourself. Stand in front of a mirror in your bathroom and say: I love you (your name). How does it make you feel when you say it? Can you keep looking at yourself in the mirror when you say it? The more comfortable you feel when you say it for the first time the more love you feel for yourself.

The interesting thing is that whatever love you feel right now, you can take it to a newer and a newer level. The key is taking it higher and higher. The more love you feel the more successful you will become in every aspect of your life. And… the more you love yourself the more you are going to love everyone and everything. You will look at this World in a completely new way. You will see new beauty around you for the first time ever. And as a result…your life is going to become…absolutely Magical… And that…will be just the beginning…

So, love yourself more…than love yourself more…than love yourself more…and then…keep going…

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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