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Christine Schumann

[quote=”amanda” post=1932][quote=”” post=1927][quote=”amanda” post=1923][quote=”” post=1907]Thanks, Christine! I guess its easier to be my true self when I am relaxed, as I am when you see me. Lately, I am beginning to be able to bring that calmer self into my every day life, as I repeat to myself that I love myself. I am so grateful. :)[/quote]

Are we really true self when we are stressed? :dry:[/quote]

That’s an excellent question, Miss Amanda! 🙂

No, I don’t think we are our true selves when we are stressed, because when we are stressed we are distracted – we are not in the now. This can be healed/changed with telling ourselves how much we love ourselves. That Love is making us calmer and calmer. It’s amazing to discover how beautiful we truly are! :silly:[/quote]

This is so true!!! We are only ourselves when we are calm. :woohoo:

And who are we really? :huh:[/quote]

We are pure Love. We co-create with God. Therefore we are all One. We are infinite beings living in a human body (space ship) that we are learning to operate without hitting the panic button. That’s why it is so important to love ourselves, to become calmer, to allow things to happen. By doing that we create a more peaceful and joyous experience for ourselves and everyone and everything around us. So, let’s keep being grateful for everything, let’s keep turning the negative into the positive, lets…..

I belive that we can live a life better and more miraculous than we could ever imagine in our wildest dreams! :woohoo: