Every three months something major happens in the world of computers. New phones, new computers and more amazing things that we can do with them. We are so excited about a new model as it always comes with more features and more fun. They make our lives so much easier and more interesting. They are toys we have for fun and also they are fantastic tools that make our businesses and projects easier. They connect us with a wealth of information that is now so readily accessible from all over the world. Whatever we need, we have that information at our finger tips instantly. The progress in the world of technology is astounding! CDs that you see on this picture of this blog that were a state of the art, now are vanishing as they are being replaced by memory sticks and storage on the internet. And now, we can see amazing screens that are so thin that we can bend them. More incredible discoveries are coming to make everything easier and more fun.

What about our mind? We use our minds to create those incredible advances in technology, but…what about our daily lives? Where is the progress there? Where are the perfect relationships? Easy businesses? Perfect bosses? Etc. We learn how to communicate with others. We learn how to sell or get that perfect job. But…We are still doing things the old fashioned way. If we compare the progress of our mind power to the advances of technology, we still would be riding a carriage pulled by a horse and we could only dream about cars or planes and phones. As a matter of fact we would laugh at the idea of a carriage going by itself or tons of metal flying through the air. That is where we are regarding the usage of our mind power. How is it possible for a carriage to go by itself? How is it possible for us to create things with our mind? Like perfect relationships? Can a perfect relationship exist? It is the same question that was asked about flying. It is only possible if we think it is. Someone, a very brilliant and adventurous man thought that a carriage could go on its own. That man was Carol Benz. He invented the first horseless carriage, the first car. The list goes on and on, full of the amazing people who used their imagination to create progress that got us to the Iphone.

You see, everything starts with imagination. If we can imagine something, we can have it. The first car, the first plane and the first computer, were just pure imagination. A fiction that became a reality. Someone saw things beyond the possible. That is why you and I have the incredible gadget today that is called the Iphone. The same analogy applies to our minds. If we think it is possible to have perfect relationships we will create them. If we think that it is possible to create everyone in our lives the way we desire, as being happy and successful, loving and kind…we will create that.

Our lives are supposed to be easy! We are supposed to create as many clients as we want. Create successful and happy children and loved ones. Create jobs for our family members, etc. When we use our minds the way they should be used, we take our lives to the level beyond what we thought was possible.

And all starts with imagination…

What if…one day…our minds surpass technology? Is that possible? The answer lays in our imagination…

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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