What is the purpose of our lives?

We can go deep into that subject and philosophize about it, but if we really summarize it and make it very simple, we would say that we just want to be happy. We would love for things to be simple and going smoothly. If we could look at our lives and realize that we have everything we ever wanted and we are overwhelmed by gratitude for how amazing and fun our lives are. Would it be awesome?

Recently, my client told me that he achieved everything he ever wanted. When he came to me he could barely afford the program. Now, he lives in a beautiful two story house that he has just built. He drives his dream car a Dodge Viper. His business doubled and his income tripled in a short period of time and his relationship is on a level beyond his expectations. He created his children’s intelligence and they attend a school for gifted children. But the biggest thing is that he is amazed how much fun he has every single day. How simple and easy his life has become.

What was the very thing that he and others like him have done to create their magical lives? They started with simplifying everything. The true power lies in simplicity.

What is it that we are talking about? We are talking about YOU. You are the key to your life. You are the very person that your focus needs to be on. Why? Because, you create everything in your life. EVERYTHING! How awesome is that?! What your business, job, family, relationships, etc., looks like depends only on you. That is why you need to concentrate on the most important person in your life and that is YOU.

What is it exactly that we are talking about? You need to realize that you create everything by the way you feel. In order for you to create what you desire, you need to feel good. You need to be kind to yourself. You need to see yourself beautiful, brilliant, capable, etc. You need to see the true beauty in YOURSELF. The better you feel about yourself the calmer you become. Calmness is the key. The powerful simplicity that we are talking about is you being calm. Calm all the time. It comes with practice. When we feel love we become calm. The calmer we are the more amazing and easy our lives become.

Is this really that simple? Yes! The true power comes from being calm. The more love we feel the calmer we become. When you truly focus on yourself, feel lots of love for yourself and others, and feel lots of gratitude, you will find that you become calmer and calmer. The calmer you are the simpler things become in your life and...before you know it your life is truly magical!

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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