How many times have we heard about makeovers? We can have a makeover of our appearance, house, backyard, etc. What about our mental makeover? The mental makeover is the most important of all. Why? Because, we create everything in our lives. We create every aspect of it. Our lives are a mirror reflection of our mindset.

So, what would that kind of makeover be about?

About how we feel! How do we feel about ourselves? Do we see ourselves as special, brilliant, beautiful/handsome, loved and appreciated? Do we appreciate ourselves? In order for us to create amazing lives in every aspect we need to start with ourselves.

Is this makeover going to happen overnight?

It might, but not likely. We take one step at a time. We start with feeling love for ourselves. When we feel love we automatically become calm and that is a huge part of our makeover. Calmness is the key to creating what we desire. And here is a very fascinating fact. The calmer we are the faster things are going to manifest in our lives. In other words we need to become patient. That can be a tall order for us as we are taught that everything has to happen right now. Patience is something we have to learn. But the great news is that we are capable of learning absolutely anything!

So, what kind of person do we need to become in order for us to have the lives of our dreams?

We need to see how incredibly special we are. We need to appreciate ourselves and pat ourselves on the back often, even for the smallest achievements. In other words we need to feel love for ourselves and become the kindest person we know. We need to become a patient person. The more we love ourselves, and the more patient we become we find ourselves loving everyone and appreciating everyone and everything more than ever before. We find that all the feelings of frustration with others are starting to go away and with time they will completely disappear. As we go through that fascinating process of changing ourselves, our lives reflect all that progress and keep getting more and more amazing and easier.

But no matter how much love we feel or how calm we become, the makeover needs to continue throughout our entire lives. We can always feel more love and we can always become calmer. It means that when we continue with it our lives keep improving continuously! No matter how awesome your life is now, when you follow this path it is only going to get better. No matter where you are in your life now, the best news you can ever get is that it is only the beginning of your magical life. Why? Because we become more and more proficient in tapping into the incredible power that we possess.

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine


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