When we take a good look at everything in our lives we will be astounded by the incredible progress of technology. In a relatively short period of time we went from horses pulling carriages to amazing driving and flying machines. In an even shorter period of time we went from communicating by landline phones to mobile cell phones that are more amazing and more powerful than the first computers ever were. The first computer took a space of two floors and it had to be programmed daily. Compare that with the phone you are holding in your hand. The size and the power changed drastically! Your little phone is a computing giant in a tiny package compared to the first computer. It is like comparing a horse pulled carriage to today’s car that you drive. New models of cell phones, tablets and computers are coming all the time and they are more and more sophisticated and cool looking. Now we are having a completely new industry of drones that will deliver things to our homes and make our lives even more easy and fun. The advances of technology are huge and the progress of it is speeding up! More features, more ideas and more fun!

Now, let’s have a look at the most incredible thing that each of us possess. That is our mind. How have we progressed with that? How much have we really changed in the understanding of our mind?

We have become more positive. We have had many amazing people throughout the last and this century teaching us about the power of positive thinking. They started something so incredibly important. But…how much progress have we really made from that? The technology beats it by far! We have new major discoveries and changes every few months. What about our minds? We often use technology as an instant fix. We think that if we buy something it will make us feel good. Yes, it will, but…for how long? For a few minutes, a few days? We can be surrounded by many wonderful gadgets. We can have the most incredible cars, TVs, phones, etc., but do they really makes us happy? If we are already happy they make us feel even happier! They enhance our lives, making them easier and more fun.

The true happiness comes from inside. All the technology can only bring more fun into our lives when we are already happy. When we are happy and whether we have the new Iphone or an old one, the key is to be happy wherever we are and appreciate whatever we have. The key to that constant happiness is a true understanding of the incredible power that we have. What progress have we made into that direction? If we went to the year 1901 and we would say to the people of that era that we will have a little box and we will talk to that little box and a person on the other side of the globe would hear us. And that we could take a picture with that little box, in color, and then send that picture through the air to a person on the other side of the globe. What would they tell us? That is where we are, right now, in the understanding of the true power that we have. We are like those people from the beginning of 20th century looking in a funny way while we, the people from the future, are telling them the truth. That is where we are in understanding the very simple fact that we can use our mind to its full potential. 100%! Where, at that time, everything is possible. Where, at that moment, our power will exceed the technology. When we can take pain away with our mind power instead of taking medication and when we can heal any conditions with our minds. It has already been done by many. But where can we take that power? What else is going to be possible for us? The answer is a question. How big is YOUR imagination?

When we look at the fun that we have with technology, we appreciate that we live in such exciting times. But when we truly realize how powerful we are and we know how to use our power, we become happy. We discover that we have more fun that we could ever imagine and our lives become so incredibly simple and easy. We realize that the technology as amazing and fun as it is, truly is extremely complicated compared with the simplicity that lays inside us.

What would happen if we put as much attention to discovering of our true mind power and growing it as we give to technological advances? It would come in time…that it would outgrow any technology that could ever exist.

The biggest, the most important thing is to grow understanding of that power every day.

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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