Is it? What do YOU think?

Let me explain some very important things first and then we are going to look at the question again.

The most important thing that we need to understand is that our power goes far beyond what we can ever imagine in our wildest dreams!!! Whatever you think you are capable of doing, barely describes the surface of your true potential. If you can imagine it, you can have it! What a powerful statement! But…is it, really? What is it that you can imagine? That is a valid question as you can only go as far as your imagination is going to take you. So, now you are starting to understand that your power goes far beyond your imagination. Wow!!! That shines a new light on the subject!

The other extremely important piece of information is that you create everything in your life. It is up to you how your life is going to look. That is the best news you can ever hear! Another important question: How do you create your life and everything in it? You create everything by the way you feel. And…here…it is very important that you understand that in order to create what you desire, you need to feel good. ONLY when you feel good you are going to create the life of your dreams. So, how the creations of the desired things happen…practically? First, you need to feel good and then you need to picture in your mind a perfect outcome. It is very important that you go for the perfect outcome. Do you want a perfect outcome? If you do, go for it!!! Picture it in your mind over and over many times a day. In other words, you need to script it. Imagine, you are standing in front of a huge movie screen. You are the director, the producer, the script writer and the actor/actress in that movie. You choose your own actors and actresses for that movie. The movie title is: (Your Name)’s Magical Life. How do you write the script for your movie? You write it by the way you feel. In other words, if you want your movie to be the way you desire, you need to feel good and have a picture in your mind of what it is that you want to create. The perfect outcome.


One of my clients wanted a specific job. I explained to him that he creates everything in his life. He pictured in his mind the perfect job he would like to have. Shortly, the desired position appeared in the list of jobs. He pictured that he had an interview and he got invited for the interview. Excited, he told me about it. Now, there was a time to script the interview. How would you like it to be? – I asked him. A week later, he told me that the interview went exactly as he scripted. I asked him: Did you get the job? Yes, I did – he replied. They just don’t know it yet – he added. Do you think he got the job? Of course, he did!!! He scripted that he already had that job and he got it! I told this story to another client. She followed the same path and created the perfect job and the interview for that job. After the interview, I asked her: Did you get the job? I did, but they don’t know it yet – She replied and we both chuckled. Do you think she got the job? Of course, she did!!! Why? Because, she felt good and she scripted, this means she pictured in her mind that she already had it.

So, now…let’s go to the very question that we asked at the beginning. Is hope a positive feeling?

When a movie is made, the scriptwriter for the movie needs to write the script for the movie. He/she needs to write where the action takes place, which actor or actress says. Can a scriptwriter leave everything to a chance? The scriptwriter can hope that actors know what to say, but everything is only going to make sense when they have a script. When they know what, how and when.

You are the scriptwriter of your life. You script it by the way you feel. When you feel good and you have a picture in your mind of what you want it means that you are aware of your power and you KNOW what outcome you are going to create.

So, is hope a positive feeling? Is hope going to give us a desired outcome? Or…maybe… is it just a start that elevates us to a good feeling?

Have an Absolutely Magical Week full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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