Albert Einstein was a genius and that fact is known to everyone. Throughout his entire life he made many incredible discoveries that led to new formulas, new theories, but above all it changed the way we look at the World. It was the realization that the world that we experience, with our eyes is made of particles that are only possible for us to see with the assistance of a microscope. Like it is the underlying structure of the World that is invisible to us on a daily basis that entirely defines it. That structure is the world of a tiny atom that governs the “Big” World. Everything in this World is made of an atom. Every person, every animal, every plant and object, including the air we breathe and the ground we walk on, is made of atoms. Tiny changes to the fabric of an atom make a modification to our World. But here, Albert Einstein discovered something fascinating. He realized in awe that there is a power that governs the intriguing world of an atom. What is this power?

When Quantum Physics was born, scientists were eager to find out if the law of gravity works on the subatomic level. They wanted to know if the particles smaller than an atom followed the law of gravity. Does the law of gravity work on a subatomic level? - scientists asked themselves. They performed experiments and to Einstein’s huge surprise they came up with two different totally opposite outcomes. Some scientists discovered that the law of gravity worked on the subatomic level, while others made an entirely contrasting finding. They repeated the experiments and they confirmed the both outcomes. Einstein was puzzled. How can you make the same experiment and have completely different outcomes? He was determined to find the answer to this phenomenon. He discovered that the result of the experiments depended on scientists beliefs. If the scientists believed that the law of gravity was going to work on a subatomic level it did. If they had a different opinion the outcome of the experiment was consistent with it. Einstein was mystified!!! How is it possible that the mind of a scientist dictates the outcome of a scientific experiment? Another experiment was performed that confirmed Einstein’s discovery. Scientists were curious if particles smaller than atom are solid or are they energy? The results followed the same pattern. If scientists believed that they were solid, they were solid. If scientists believed that they were energy, they behaved like a wave. So, the Quantum Physics definition of a particle smaller than an atom is: Particle is a particle and a wave. Wow!!! It means that it is what a scientist wants it to be!!! Solid or energy.

So… let me summarize. The World that we see with our naked eye is made of atoms that govern it. But… OUR mind directs that world of an atom.

Stop and think for a moment.

Why was this discovered by scientists? The world of an atom was a mystery to them, so they used their imagination. They went out of the “normal” thinking and that led them to a fascinating discovery. The world of an atom was what they wanted to be.

You see, your life is like the world of an atom. You might say that it is made of atoms. We look at our lives and we think they were supposed to be in a certain way. But… when we use our imagination, we take it beyond… far, far beyond what we ever thought was possible!!!

So, the big question is: What is it that YOU can imagine?

Because, you can only go as far as your imagination will take you.

 Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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