In order to create more money, we need to be grateful for the money that we already have whether it is a little or a lot. That is the most important start to the journey of having more money. You see whatever we do, we need to feel good. Only when we feel good, we create what we desire. When we feel gratitude, we have the right mindset that puts us on the starting line to having more. We always create more of what we are grateful for.

The next thing is our outlook on bills. How do we feel when we pay bills? Let me explain what it is that I mean. Why do we pay the electricity bill? So, we can have some light, be able to watch our favorite shows, surface the net or play a computer game and have a cold drink from the fridge, etc. Electricity provides us with so much luxury and fun! Thank you for electricity!!! We are so fortunate to have electricity and we are so grateful for it. Now, we gladly pay the bill. When we do that, we need to be grateful that we have electricity and that we have money to pay for it.

We need to see ourselves as people who always have money. It means that we expect to make more. We need to be wise with spending and always put some money aside. When we see our savings account growing, it always makes us feel good. This assists us with the feeling that we have money.

When we have our own business, we need to expect that we are going to have the next client. We always need to take actions in order to acquire new clients. When we have our own business, we are paid for results. Hourly rate applies only to people who are employed by others. So, we need to have something important in mind. There are two things we do when we have our own business. We are either in front of a client, selling a product or providing a service, or we are looking for a new client. When we apply it, we are going to use our time efficiently and that with the right mindset is going to produce awesome results.

Let me give you some examples.

A Real Estate Agent, was selling two houses a month for two years. When she became my client and learned how to use her mind, she became number 2 in her office of 135 agents for that year. She told me that in the six months of year 2019, she already had made as much money as the entire 2018. Last year, 2020 she made in 3 months what she made the entire 2019. A hairdresser with her own salon was employing two people when she became my client. Her dream was to make more money and employ 3 more people. Now, she employs 12 wonderful people and she is so incredibly busy, making great money. Her business grew rapidly and she just told me that she is looking into a buying a commercial building for her salon. Do you realize how her perspective changed? Her dream was to employ 5 people. Now she considers her own place! The dreams always get bigger when we start to master the power of our mind.

So, what is it that makes such a big difference? It is understanding that we have the power to create whatever we desire. It is knowing that we create everything by the way we feel, so if we want to create more money, we need to feel good about the money that we have right now. When we feel good about the money that we have now, and have a picture in our mind about having more, abundance will follow.

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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