How do you feel about money? Because, whatever your feelings are that is what your money situation is going to be.

Let’s talk about people that have lots of money. Why do they have an abundance of it? Because, they think/feel that they have lots of money and they know that they can make lots more. Because, of that they are relaxed about money. That feeling of calmness creates more of it.

If we want to be one of those people we need to have the same feelings about money. We need to be relaxed about it. We create everything by the way we feel, so only when we are calm about money we are going to create more of it. We might say that it is easy for people with lots of money to be calm. One of those very wealthy people, when asked by a reporter if he knew that he was going to be rich, answered. Yes. The reporter continued: When did you know that you were going to be rich? The answer was: When I was broke.

You see, it is important where you are going. What is it that you see in your mind when you think about money? Do you see yourself paying the next bill or do you see yourself in abundance? Only when you go beyond paying bills, you are going to create wealth. People who have lots of money dream about things they want to do and buy. In their minds the bills are already paid. When you see yourself with money in your account and plan your new car, a house or vacation, etc., you will take everything to a completely new level. It is very important to go to the level of wants in your mind as your needs are already fulfilled.

It is very important to be grateful for the money that you have. Be thankful for it every time you pay for anything or anytime it goes to your account. That feeling of gratitude creates more of it.

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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