Whatever we think that we are capable of doing, no matter how wild, our imagination is, we greatly underestimate the power of our mind. We look at miracles, fantastic coincidences and luck that we experience not realizing that we are creating those amazing situations. It is like we have that incredible potential, yet…we hardly scratch the surface of it. It is even difficult to imagine what we could do if…when…we fully use that incredible power that we all possess. What would our lives look like? But…we need to start from where we are and grow our understanding of it.

How can we grow our ability to create things that we desire?

Our main focus should be on the two most important things.

First, we need to become calmer. No matter how calm we think we are, we need to concentrate on taking it to a new and a newer level. The calmer we are the more things we can create the way we want. We also find that things will become easier in our lives. There are many ways in which you can increase your calmness. You can use soft calming music with no words or meditations. You can purchase “Powerful Simplicity” meditation CD on my website that will increase your calmness rapidly. You can spend time with nature. Trees, plants, birds, flowers, etc. always makes us feel calmer as well as playing with our pets.

Secondly, we need to become Masters of our feelings. I purposely said feelings not thoughts. You see thoughts don’t create anything in our lives. They are just intentions, directions in which we are going. Thoughts evoke feelings and they create everything. Only good feelings create desired outcomes. So, in order for us to create what we want, we need to pay attention to how we feel. The most powerful feelings that will generate desired things are: love and gratitude. We need to feel love for ourselves and others and be grateful for everything, no matter how much or how little we have.

How do we become Masters of our feelings?

Throughout our day we need to feel love and gratitude as often as possible. We need to pay attention to evoking and sustaining those feelings. When we have negative feelings we need to instantly shift to feeling love and/or gratitude. That skill comes with time. The more we focus on it the easier it will become. And here, something very interesting happens. When we feel love and gratitude we automatically become calm. So, by sustaining those desirable feelings we grow our calmness and become more and more skillful in using our mind power.

So, bring magic to your life by feeling love and gratitude, and becoming calmer.

Have an absolutely magical week full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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