There is something so amazing about dogs. They always make us feel so good. They are always there for us, to brighten our day and make this moment special. There is something magical about a dog wagging his tail as he is so happy to see us. Whatever kind of day it is a dog is always going to make it even better. They love us all the time. Period. Whether we have money or we have successful relationships or health, a dog looks up to us with admiration and pure love. They can only see beauty in us. They see how amazing and special we are. Why? Because, they only have love in their hearts. They are designed to love. When you truly look at a dog and pay attention you will notice something fascinating. They love themselves!!! They see how special and incredible they are. They grab a toy and throw it on the ground and look at us “saying”: Look how amazing I am!!! I threw that toy! They see only beauty in themselves and they take that unique perspective and apply it to us. They assess us the same way they evaluate themselves. Perfect!!! They conclude each time. They love us simply because we exist.

What if…we looked at ourselves the same way dogs see us? What if we could see the perfection that we are? What would happen then?

The answer is very simple!!! We would feel about ourselves as amazing as dogs feel about themselves. You see, we create everything in our lives by the way we feel, so ONLY when we feel good do we create what we desire. When we feel good about ourselves, we create successful business, amazing relationships and we heal ourselves, etc. Seeing ourselves through dogs eyes, we would create our lives truly Magical!

Dogs are incredible teachers!!! We have so much to learn from them!!!

Have an Absolutely Magical Week full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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