You are an amazing person. You are open minded, brilliant and curious. You are ready to learn about yourself and the power that you have. You are ready to discover YOU. How do I know that? Because, you are reading this blog.

What is it that you might know about yourself right now? You have a feeling inside you that you are so much more than you think you are. Or… you would like to take yourself to a completely new level of understanding and find out how you can use what you already possess to create a life of your dreams. Or…maybe…you have different reasons… Whatever it is, you are here to explore… So, let’s do that!

Who are you??? That is the very question that you need an answer to in order to realize your true potential. According to different ancient sources, you are created in the image of God, Higher Power, etc., It means that you are the mirror reflection of that power. Wow!!! Think about it. How can we even start to imagine what this power is? It goes far, far beyond what we can even comprehend. And…you are created in the image of that power!? That means that whatever you think in your wildest dreams how powerful you are it is barely a surface of your true potential. Or…depending on your beliefs, you are the result of the evolution. Life evolved into the intelligent being that is YOU. You are the highest level of the evolution. Whichever way you look at yourself, you are truly AMAZING!!! With incredible potential to become even MORE!!!

Now, let’s look at your beginnings. You were born knowing only love. Your default setting is LOVE. You loved everyone and yourself. You were born with an incredible curiosity and you learned fast and easily. From the moment you were born to the moment when you went to school at the age of 5, you progressed the most in the shortest period of time. You had incredible stamina and determination as according to scientists you got up over 900 times in order to learn how to walk. You did all the amazing things, because you had fun doing them. You had fun learning about yourself and the world. Playing was the way you explored everything. You knew how incredible you were and you were proud of your every little achievement. You looked at everyone with love, seeing only beauty in everyone and everything. Everything was possible for you as you felt you could do it all.

The most fascinating thing is that in order for you to use that incredible potential that you have, you need to become like that little child that you once were. Feeling love for everyone and everything. Seeing beauty in yourself and everyone, and everything else. Taking actions towards your dreams and sticking to them. Having fun all the time with everything that you do.

When you see yourself and this world through the heart of a little child… you will expect everything to be the way you desire…and your life…will become truly Magical!!!  

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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