Mentoring Programs

We have an incredible power that most of us are not even aware of, comprehend it or simply even believe in its existence. Sometimes we get a glimpse of that power doing its magic for us when we experience miracles, luck and fantastic coincidences. Amanda advances people’s thinking to a completely new level where they use that power consciously to create miracles in every area of their lives.

A six thousand year formula put in a comprehensive, easy to understand form is what Amanda passes to her clients in her one on one mentoring. That formula used for centuries by Tibetan Monks and the Masters of the Far East, scattered in the Bible and now being revealed in modern quantum physics, cured Amanda’s incurable disease of the nervous system that she had for six years and made her and others lives and careers very successful.

That wisdom of the ages combined with practical tools which are so powerful that after Amanda’s mentoring you will grasp everything you need to know for the rest of your life.

That incredible formula creates a completely new way of thinking that is why Amanda’s clients have life changing experiences in all areas of their lives, even during her mentoring program. The unique success of Amanda’s mentoring spreads very quickly by word of mouth and at present Amanda has clients all over the world.

Amanda’s mentoring program is simple and yet very powerful. What she teaches is an ancient formula that when applied, works in every area of your life at the same time. Knowing and understanding of that brilliant and yet very simple formula is the key to your success. She will uncover for you the power that you possess and advance your thinking to use that power in a way you have never understood before. You will be amazed when it will be revealed to you, through your own experience that your power goes far beyond anything you have ever imagined!

Amanda offers her first consultation free of charge, to discover your desires and learn more details about her unique mentoring program that is especially designed for you. To schedule your FREE consultation, please email Amanda, the initial FREE consultation and mentoring is done on Skype when your place of residency is outside of Amanda’s area. If you reside in USA please, call for appointment (239) 980-9808