Sometimes we find ourselves repeating the same pattern over and over again throughout our lives. We might come to a conclusion, that whatever we do, we have the same situations with our bosses, jobs or careers. We find ourselves being in the same kind of relationships, etc. We want so much to have a new thing and yet we realize that we are ending up in the same position over and over again. Sometimes, we might even think that things are supposed to be like that. That having something different, something we really desire might be beyond our reach.

The truth is that every pattern can be changed! You see we look at others that we have in our lives to be different. The only person that needs to be different is US. We repeat the same situations only because we are the same people. We can be sweet, loving and special, and we still can find ourselves in the same circumstances. So, the big question is: If we are so loving, why do we experience the same things instead of experiencing what it is that we really want?

Each of you, who are reading this blog are very special, brilliant, loving, etc. We just need to see that in us. We need to feel worthy of great jobs, respectful and appreciative bosses, wonderful loving relationships. That is the key! We need to know how incredible we are and that we deserve the best. In other words we need to love ourselves. My clients often ask me, why some people have amazing things in their lives? What is the difference between them and me? The answer is very simple. They love themselves more than we do. Do you realize how simple is that? Do you recognize how easy it is to catch up to those happy people? Easier than we think!

Now, we need to understand that it will be the first time for us to really learn how to love ourselves. Even if we think we do love ourselves, what is it that I am talking that about goes far beyond what we conventionally understand by loving ourselves. First, we all were told that we should love others, but loving ourselves is a completely different story. That we should solely focus our love on others. They are important. Do you know who is the most important person in your life? YOU! You are creating your life! You are creating your life by the way you feel and only when you feel love for yourself can you create the dream that you always wanted. When you love yourself you can also create a dream for others. That is how powerful you are and all your power lays in the love that you feel. The love that you feel for YOURSELF! Now, you need to truly understand that we are talking about true love. Love sees only beauty. When you love yourself you see beauty in others. When you love yourself it reflects in everything you say and do. Because you feel love for yourself, you create perfect bosses, perfect jobs and magnificent relationships. Why? Because, when you feel love for yourself, you feel worthy of all that splendor that you deserve. When you feel love for yourself, you create a new pattern. A pattern of success, where you create great things…one after another. And before you know it, your life becomes so different, so spectacular…only because…for the first time in your life you truly started to love yourself.

So, tell yourself, over and over again…I love you!

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine


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