Scientists say that when we send a rocket to the moon it takes 80% of the fuel to take it off the ground. Then the rocket makes the trip to the moon and back on the 20% of the remaining fuel. This analogy can be applied to everything in our lives. It does not mean that it has to take a long time to move something to a new level and it also does not mean that it needs to be hard. We just have to do something in order to have results.

Quantum Physics says that nothing happens until something moves. In other words we need to take actions towards our goal. Imagine that you are driving your car to another city in order to get there you need turn on the engine on and start driving.

The momentum starts with a great goal. Something that excites you and it is fun. We will be able to create the momentum when it is truly our goal and we have fun on the way. After we set our goal, we need to take a piece of paper and write how we are going to start our journey towards it. Write all the possible things you can do and start acting on them. Remember when you write the things down: You are not taking the rocket to the moon yet. You are writing a plan how to take it off the ground. For example: If someone is a sales person and has a goal to achieve a certain level or to make a certain amount of money, the first step will be to get more clients. Then this person will write on the paper all the possible things he/she can do to have more clients and start acting on them. Do the most fun things first. When we have an exciting goal and we do fun things in order to get there we will not only create momentum, but we will sustain it.

Beside the actions that are extremely important, we need to have the right mindset. The calmer we are the faster we will create the momentum. We can create calmness in more than one way. The easiest way to become calm is to feel lots of gratitude for every tiny success that we have. When we feel gratitude we automatically become calm. Also when we are grateful, we create more of the things that we are grateful for and the momentum is being created. As we keep acting on our goals, we need to feel gratitude for every small success. We also need to feel love for ourselves and others and when we are doing that the momentum keeps growing and before we know it, our rocket has taken off the ground. At that time everything becomes so much easier!

Remember: the more patient you are the faster you are going to create the momentum. Patience is calmness that is created by love and gratitude. The more love and gratitude you feel and more fun you have doing the things from your list the faster you are going to create your momentum.

So…like I always say at the end of each blog…

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Because it works for everything!

Amanda Devine

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