Confidence is a huge factor in our success. When we look at successful people we all realize that there is something special about them. They exude confidence. It shows in the way they walk, talk and carry themselves. We all can recognize when a confident person walks into a room. They light it up! We love listening to a confident person as the tone of their voice makes us feel great.

But…how could we become that kind of person? What is the difference between them and us?

We all have the same power of our minds. We all have the same incredible abilities to become successful in all aspects of our lives. The difference between us and the other people is that they know it. They know and they recognize how special and incredible they are. They see that amazing potential that they have. They feel that they can do anything.

The first thing you need to understand is that you are created to be successful. You already have everything that you need to achieve, whatever it is that you desire. You are more powerful than you can ever imagine in your wildest dreams and the best news you can ever hear is that you create everything in your life! Whatever your life is going to be depends entirely on YOU. How cool is that! You already have everything that you need in order to become successful.

The second thing that we need to do is to act upon our dreams. Only when can we take actions turn our desires into reality. How we act depends on how we feel. When we feel good about ourselves our actions deliver results. In other words, we need to expect that our actions produce desired outcomes. We have to see in our minds the end result. We need to see the sale, the perfect job, etc., as it is already ours. When we keep that picture of successful outcome in our mind, we will see it happening. As a result we will become more confident. The new feeling of self-assurance creates more of the positive results and before we know it, we become one of the confident people that we admire. We become one of those people who when they talk others listen. When we walk into the room, everyone lightens up. We exude confidence and as a result we become very successful in all areas of our lives.

And…it all started from a simple understanding that we are all equally equipped with the same power of our minds. We just need to recognize how amazing and special, and powerful we are.

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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