In this fast paced world sometimes we wonder if we can have a peaceful life. Our peaceful life starts with us becoming calm. We create our lives by the way we feel, so in order for us to have a peaceful life we need to become calm first. The easiest way to go about it is to feel love and gratitude. When we feel love and gratitude we automatically become calm. The important thing is to have fun with it. We can play a simple game. When you pick up any object, say, I love you. When you finish with it, say, thank you. Hug everything and treat objects as living beings with love and respect. When you do that in a short period of time you will feel amazing. As a result you will become calmer and calmer and everything in your life will become easier. Suddenly, you make more sales, your children behave better, your relationships go on new levels, you get the job of your dreams, etc. In other words your life will become peaceful and fun. And it all started with a simple game of love and gratitude.

Calmness is the key to achieving everything in our lives. When we become calm amazing things happen. From the moment you get a job in a financial firm, how long does it take to become a partner in that firm? 5, 6 years? As my client was growing her calmness, she became a partner in a financial firm 9 months after she started to work there.

So, feel lots of love and gratitude for everything and everyone. Become calm and your life will be peaceful, easy and lots of fun.


Last blog I talked to you about the condition of the little boy Nathan. I am pleased to give you an update that he is now home, he walks by himself without braces, he is eating solid food, drinking, speaking faster and drawing pictures. Good for you, Kathy for using all the tools!

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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