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What if you could hear something so interesting and so different and so fascinating that captivates you and your audience in a new way? What if you could learn something so unique and so simple that when you apply, it brings unique results in your life? What if you could learn something that will simplify your life and make it more fun than you ever thought was possible? What if you realize that everything is simpler and easier than you thought?

If those questions are fascinated to you, then you need Amanda Devine to speak and/or conduct a seminar for you and your group.

A very unique inspirational speaker and a mentor that captures her audience and always leaves them with simple practical ideas that they can immediately apply in every area of their lives. From interest groups, fundraisers, sport and sales staff training, leadership, business and conventions to corporate world, people will have a lasting impression of her presentation. Featured on TV and Radio numerous times as well as in major Newspapers and magazines, with clients all over the world, Amanda Devine creates a huge interest with her unique knowledge and approach.

To schedule a speaking event or a seminar, please contact:

Marie Straitz
Director, Public Relations
(954) 325-4685