Whatever it is that we would like to create in our lives, first we need to become calm. Calmness is the key!!! So, if we want to have more money, we need to become calm. If we want to heal ourselves or create wonderful relationships, etc., we need to become calm. You see, we create everything in our lives by the way we feel. Only when we feel good, do we create what we desire. When we feel love and gratitude, we automatically become calm. A fascinating thing happens when we grow our calmness. The calmer we are the more patient we become. The more patient we are the faster we create what we want. So, to summarize it: When we feel love and gratitude, we automatically become calm. The more love and gratitude we feel the calmer we become and as a result of it we become more patient and suddenly we find out that we can create things faster and easier than ever before.

Could that be so simple? It is that simple!!! So, whatever you look at, you need to feel love for it. Feel love for every person including yourself. Be grateful for everything and everyone. When you have one client, be grateful for him/her. The gratitude that you feel will create calmness. As a result you will find that you have another client. Feel love for the new client and feel gratitude that you have two clients now, etc.

Let me give you an example.

My client, a personal trainer, wanted to have more clients in order to make more money. I advised her to concentrate on being grateful for the clients she already had. She followed my guidance and in a short period of time she was fully booked. Shortly after, she told me that she had a situation. She said that she had too many clients. We both laughed. Another client wanted to get more contracts. I advised her to feel love and gratitude for the jobs she already had and she just told me that she got three huge contracts and she needs to employ more people to do the job.

So, chill out!!! Become calm and you will create a life that is truly Magical!!!

Have an Absolutely Magical Week full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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