What does it mean to be different?

If we want to take our life to a completely new level we need to take ourselves to a completely new level. In other words, we need to become different. There are many ways in which we can distinguish ourselves, but I am going to give you the most important points.

First, we need to change how we look at things. Understanding how powerful we are is a big help. We need to understand that whatever we think in our wildest dreams, how powerful we are, we are barely scratching the surface of our true potential. We can do and be whatever we can imagine.

We need to become calmer than we have ever been. We create everything in our lives and ONLY when we are calm do we create what we desire. Calmness is the key to the life of our dreams. The calmer we become the more amazing things we can create and the faster we get to where we want to go. So, we need to become a calm person. When we create a situation that is different from the desired one, we need to look at it from the perspective of a calm person. Understanding that we create everything in our lives, we need to ask ourselves a question: What would I like it to be? Then put in our mind the perfect outcome.

We need to treat ourselves and others and everything else in a completely new way. We need to feel love for ourselves and others far beyond what we have ever done before. We need to become the kindest and the most loving person to ourselves and we need to extend that same treatment to everyone and everything else. You see, when we feel love we automatically become calm and calmness is the key to creating our desires. So, when we see a person we need to feel love for them before talking with them. When we want to call someone we need to feel love for them before we make that phone call. When someone is calling us, we need to feel love for them before we answer the call. Do you know what happens when we do that? We stay calm and we keep growing our calmness and as a result we become more patient. The more patient we are the faster we create things in our lives.

We need to be grateful for everyone and everything. One of my clients said something awesome in a meeting that I attended. She said that she always says thank you to all her employees at the end of each day. She has the most incredible employees. One of them told me that her boss (my client) is the mentor that she always wanted to have.

And above all we need to have fun with everything we do.

So, love more than ever before, be more grateful than ever before and as a result you will become calmer than ever before. By doing that you will be so different from everyone else…and as a final result your life will become so different… It will become truly Magical!!! And…you will have fun in your life far beyond what you ever thought was possible!!!

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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