A Healing Miracle

Ten years ago I was an innocent victim in a serious four car accident that completely changed my life.Amanda DevineThe accident damaged a disk in my neck and affected my nervous system. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and told my condition was incurable. Living in constant sever pain in every single muscle and ligament of my body as the result of the condition of my nervous system, I struggled daily. Just a simple activity as washing my hands brought tears to my eyes, because of the pain it caused. I clenched my teeth in pain, shaking someone’s hand, while having a smile on my face. My husband could not give me a hug as the pain was unbearable. On top of that I had horrible headaches, because of the damaged disk in my neck and I made many trips a year to emergency rooms where I got injections containing morphine. I used to spend $600 a month on pain medications, and I took up to 10-16 Tylenol a day. Someone made a great comment on my life, “This is not a life, this is an existence.” I could work only part-time as constant fatigue and pain did not allow me to do more. Many times my husband had to pick me up from somewhere, a parking lot or a side of the road as I could not drive and I passed out from the headaches.

One day, my hopes decreased rapidly when my legs started to give out and I fell many times. I was forced to use a cane on a daily basis. I started to drag my left leg. I was so worn out physically and emotionally that I started to get depressed. I could only work 10-15 hours a week. The danger of not being able to work at all was hanging over me as my gloomy future. “What is going to happen to me?” I thought over and over. I would go upstairs and cry until I could not cry anymore. Then, I would come back down and smile at my husband trying to hide from him the gruesome details of my suffering. I was not sure how much longer I could take that excruciating 24/7 pain. I have the most amazing husband and I could not have him to worry about me more than he already did. Feeling like I was at the bottom of the barrel I was desperate to find a way out. My wonderful doctor, so many times said to me that he felt helpless as there was nothing he could give me to cure the situation as my disease is incurable. I am so blessed to have such a great doctor. The medications he gave me were just to make me survive. That is all that today’s medicine could do for me.

On the top of all of that, I had very severe food allergies. I could not eat many things, but sometimes it would happen that something was in the food that I ate, especially in a restaurant, and I would get very sick. If I ate any of the things on my list, I would go into seizures, people would have to call an ambulance for me and I would be taken to a hospital. It would take me 1.5 weeks to recover. The list of the things I could not eat was long and some of the things were: sugar, bread, fruits, mushrooms, fried food, popcorn, nuts etc.

QuantumHaving a Master’s Degree in Psychology, I knew that depression is the worst thing and you can not let it take over your existence. I was desperate to change my life. I did research about the power of our mind. I watched “The Secret”, absolutely awesome! I applied it and it did not work. It was just another piece, not enough to make things happen. I did more and more research. I became obsessed about learning the power of our mind. I read and listened and watched everything I got my hands on. I got very deep into quantum physics and Einstein theories (skipping the mathematical part, of course.) I got deeper and deeper and suddenly everything started to make sense. I started to apply the knowledge with understanding. First, my condition stopped getting worse. I was thrilled! But, that was not good enough for me. I set a goal for myself to heal completely my incurable disease of the nervous system. Was it a realistic goal? I have a folder 2 inches thick telling us it is incurable and any medical professional will confirm that. Yet, I set a goal to be 100% cured. I applied all I learned every single day! I understood the absolute power of my mind. For a few months nothing happened then I started on the upswing, slowly at first, then faster and faster. My pain level went down. In a matter of 2 months, I used less medications, I started to walk better, sleep better and feel better. Finally, the pain was completely gone and so were all my medications, and on May 16th 2008 I dropped my cane that I used for 3 years and I walked! I was completely cured of my disease of the nervous system that I had for 6 years. My pain level was ZERO!!! For the first time in 6 years I was pain free!!! All other symptoms were gone as well. I also cured my sever allergies that I had for 24 years. I had my first hot dog in my life, my first bagel, my first milk shake, first sub and first burger.

When I went to see my doctor, he could not believe what I looked like. He said I was so calm and I looked so great that I was a completely different person. He also said that it is unbelievable how I feel and that Fibromyalgia is a disease there is no known cure for.
My life is like magic! I am perfectly healthy for four years now, I dance, run with my dogs and I wear very high heals that I love! My life is magical only because I set myself the “unrealistic” goals and I went for the “unreachable” dream!

I performed a healing miracle. But, when you truly understand the incredible power that you and I possess you will know that it was no miracle at all. I just engaged that power in the right direction with full understanding of it.

Now, I am helping other people to become healthy. No one should suffer like I did. This is bigger than me.

The power of our mind is incredible and you can harvest it too. You just have to believe that you can achieve the “unrealistic” goal. I DID!