A year finishes and a New Year starts. We often sit down and reflect on the past year. And here is a very important thing that we need to do. When we make the summary of the year we need to concentrate ONLY on the good things that we experienced. What was it that made us happy? Think only about things that you have achieved. Find the smallest progress you have made and get excited about it. How we feel about the past year sets a tone for the New Year. When we come from the past year feeling good we are ready to take the New Year to a completely new level. We are eager to make it the best ever! If we want to have success we need to see ourselves as successful. We can make little progress or big progress, but every advance we make is priceless. We can take a powerful machine and shape a stone into the desired shape in a short period of time, or we can be like water that patiently, just by hitting the stone over and over alters it appearance and creates a masterpiece. The whole point is that by recognizing our progress, even a little one, we take that powerful mind that we possess into a more potent mode and we can create more and more in a faster way. Only success will propel us into a higher success. That is why it is so important for us to see only good things about the past year.

So, when you sit down and reflect on the passing year look at all the little things that made you happy. When you truly do that, you will be surprised how many of those things you really had. Even better, when you make a list of all your fun and happy moments you will be in awe about the abundance of great things you had the passing year. When we see what we have and we are grateful for it, we create more of it. So, pat yourself on the back, feel gratitude for all the wonderful experiences that you had and expect this New Year to be the BEST EVER!


Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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