My client in Canada who worked all her life as an operating room nurse told me something very fascinating. When they operate on little children they don’t tell them that after the operation they are going to have pain and they never do. As soon as they wake up, they run around as they feel awesome. What happens to adults that who have had the same operation? Their expectations are very different and as a result they feel pain.

Let’s take a child that is 2 years old. Does a child at this age think about what he/she did yesterday? No. Does that child worry what he/she is going to do next? No. What does a child at this age do all day long? The child plays and has fun. Little children expect to have fun. If by any chance a toy they play with breaks a child looks at it as a new toy. Something new that can be played with in another way. But at the moment he/she is told that a broken toy is a bad thing they will cry.

From the moment we are born till we go to school at 5, we make the biggest progress in the shortest period of time. We learn so much and we do it purely by having fun. We expect to have fun. We see adventure in everything and we go boldly where no one has gone before as the imagination of a child is phenomenal. We are little adventure seekers on a journey of fun, exploring, creating and dreaming big.

What would happen if we applied the same attitude to our adult lives? What if we never grew up and expected only wonderful things happening every single day? What if we took that magic and that imagination into every aspect of our lives? The results would be phenomenal!!! We always create what it is that we expect. So, if we came from a child’s expectation what would our lives be like? We would set huge goals for ourselves and know that we can achieve anything. You see an unrealistic goal is the one we cannot imagine. If we can imagine it we can have it. A child’s imagination is amazing! My clients from all over the world heal themselves, create soul mate relationships from abusive ones and build very successful businesses with amazing clients. They create amazing things for others with their minds because they realize that they can do anything. They are becoming like little children that have faith in themselves and expect only the best. They grow their imagination so it becomes a child’s magic and they achieve what they considered before as impossible. They learn how to see the world through a child’s eyes and feel love like children do. We create everything in our lives by the way we feel, so when we feel love we are loved, adored and respected by others.

In the complexity of our adult lives we need to realize that the true key to creating what we desire is to have the simplicity of a little child.

So, love everyone, expect fun in everything, and grow your imagination so you can go beyond what you have ever created in your life. In other words, look at yourself and the World through the magic of a child. When you do that, your life is going to become a fairy tale.

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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