Imagine that you have found a footprint that you see for a first time in your life. You wonder what this creature that left the footprint looks like. Is it an animal that is completely new to you? Or maybe, is it an intelligent form from another planet? Well the last one probably would be far-fetched. Or…maybe… You try to picture in your mind what could leave that kind of a print on the ground. The key is how good is our imagination? How much can we imagine? Can we reconstruct the entire being just from a unique footprint that it left behind? What would that being look like?

You see, that being that we are talking about is YOU! All we have is a footprint from which we try to imagine what that being is like. It is totally up to our imagination as all that we have to go by is the footprint. So, we reconstruct that unique entity the best we can.

How can we rely on those results? How can we learn the entire truth about that being just from the footprint?

You see, this is the all knowledge that we have about us. We just have a footprint of ourselves and we try to figure out who we really are. We can only go as far as our imagination. But…the whole point is that the truth is far beyond our wildest dreams! We think that we are the little people in the big world, while we create everything in our lives. We are designed with everything we need to become extremely successful and things are supposed to be easy for us. We are already abundant beyond our imagination. But that is the key! We need to be able to imagine it! We need to realize that we can create whatever we want. We can create amazing things for ourselves as well as for others. We can create health, wonderful relationships and professional success. We are so much more than the footprint that we think we are.

So, see how incredible and brilliant you are. Because…whatever it is that you see…you are far…far…beyond that! And all that…depends on YOUR imagination.

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine


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